CEO Message

Over 18 years ago, in 2003, we set up AGT Hamdani Salt World as an exporter. Although we have been established Hamdani Salt Factory in 1990 in Quaidabad near Warcha Salt Mines by the hand of my father Mr. Shah Mehboob-ul-Arfeen and My elder brother Mr. Mehdi Shah as our family business. Since 1990 we are providing Natural Himalayan Salt to people all over the country and world. We extract pure, unfiltered Himalayan Salt from the Warcha Salt Mines of Pakistan. Our country has been blessed with one of the largest sources of this salt worldwide, which is why we have a long-standing vision of making Himalayan Salt, with all of its unblemished benefits, access to the whole world.Our aim is to provide high-quality products and we have a great focus on packaging to maintain products' natural elements as we believe in repeated ordering and want a long-term relationship with our customers. We give respect to our new and old valued customer’s feedback, who have seen us grow leaps and bounds from what we used to be.As a manufacturer and exporter, we work harder to ensure minimizing and eliminating all possible problems in terms of quality, on-time delivery, product safety, and presentation. For OEM packaging we have our best design team who put their best efforts to design our customers’ desired product packaging.We always do our best to solve the problems, like the quality of salt, quality of electric components used, supply of quantity with timely executions of 

commitments, and stylish packaging as per our customers’ demands.We employ extraordinary hard work and effort, along with compassion and teamwork, to ensure our company reaches heights that once seemed so far away. With the efforts of employees, we achieved many awards like best exporter many times, best-growing company, social support award. We established schools for employee’s children and health support for them and also providing help in ups and downs in their life.
We ask you for your continued support as we carry on our mission to achieve your goals as a corporation, distributor, retailer, and online seller of the product.

AGT Hamdani Salt World

In 2003, I took responsibility in Hamdani Salt Factory as CEO, after completing my Graduation in Law from Islamabad. The factory witnessed many dynamic changes in the infrastructure and decided to become a global supplier of Himalayan Pink Salt after experiencing a decade of local supplies across Pakistan. Hamdani family well supported me for this purpose, making it possible to be become one of the first exporters for Pink Salt products. This privilege enabled us to become pioneer and inventor of many Himalayan Salt HandyCrafts. We had a pivotal role in introducing the the benefits of warming natural Himalayan salt, as well as introducing the beauty of a glowing salt lamp. We introduced the slogan “Purify the World with Natural Alternatives” to the world. We have been serving in health departments, gyms, spas, sauna, construction companies and Salt Rooms for salt therapy.
We also made its international brand and provide Himalayan Pink Salt to the people of all over the world. We launched a new plant for International customers and produce International Standard products like in Edible category Pink Himalayan Salt, White Himalayan Salt and many more with customer demand.

Thank You,
Shams-ul-Arfeen Shah Hamdani
CEO / Chairman
AGT Hamdani Salt Factory Quaidabad, Pakistan